Our office has great success in treating the conditions listed below:

     Auto Accidents (whiplash and seatbelt injuries)

     Sport Injuries (sprains/strains)

     Work Injuries (low back sprains/strains, pelvic sprains/strains, slip/fall)

     Neck Pain / Mid Back Pain / Low Back Pain

     Headaches / Migraines

     Sinusitis / Congestion

     Frequent Colds / Flu / Ear Infections / Sore Throats / Coughing / Sneezing

     General Muscle Aches / Joint Pain / Stiffness

     Neuropathy / Sciatica

     Numbness / Tingling in Extremities

     Post-Operative Pain

     Over-use Injuries (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonosis, Joint Instability)

     Plantar Fascitis