I have had low back pain and left hip pain for more than 20 years.  Chiropractic care keeps the pain at a minimum and keeps me more active. I also do aqua therapy to keep my joints mobile.  However, I recently overexerted myself.  I did aqua therapy for an hour and a half.  The next day I could hardly get out of bed.  I had difficulty walking, sitting and sleeping.  I could not straighten my back.  I had an intense pain in my low back that became very sharp with movement. The pain in my left hip was aggravated as well.  What bothered me the most was that I was to leave for a vacation to Florida in a month.  I immediately called Dr. Rob.  As he always does, he listened to my complaints before explaining to me what the problem was and how long it may take to resolve.  I felt improvement after the first treatment, however, I fell on ice the next day and knocked everything out again.  I thought I had really done myself in this time.  I was concerned that I was not going to be able to go to Florida and more concerned that I may not recover this time.  Only 7 visits after, I feel like myself again.  My pain is minimum and I am able to function without any aggravation.  Thanks to Dr. Rob and my healing body, I was able to go on my vacation - Lois M.

 For 3 years, I have been coping with severe trigger points, numbness/tingling, and pain in my right arm, hand and fingers. I have been treated by my PCP, physical therapist and have had MRIs.  Ibuprofen has not helped at all.   Dr. Rob is very understanding and knowledgable.  I was very happy and surprised to achieve instant relief of the numbness/tingling in my right arm, hand and fingers.  I have recommended Simmen Chiropractic to all my friends and family. I have told them what a difference it has made for me - Leigh Y.

I was experiencing severe headaches everyday before consulting Dr. Rob.  I was treated by several specialists who performed many tests and were not able to confirm the cause of my headaches.  I was prescribed medications, physical therapy and have had chiropractic treatment from another chiropractor.  Despite the treatments, I was still experiencing frequent severe headaches.  I was giving up hope and giving in to the fact that I may have to cope with severe headaches the rest of my life.  In only a few visits with Dr. Rob, my headaches have completely subsided.  Thank you Dr. Rob - Grace L.

I have had constant neck and upper back pain for more than 15 years.  On certain occasions, it would get so severe that I had difficulty turning my head.  Driving was difficult and would aggravate it more.  My doctor prescribed muscle relaxers and PT, but it was not effective.  Since seeing Dr. Rob, I noticed unbelievable progress.  My back pain is eliminated and I am able to turn my head without aggravation.  I was also impressed with the individual attention that Dr. Rob gave me.  He was very respecful and genuinely cared about my condition.  He listened intently to my problems, explained what it was that he was going to do and addressed any questions/concerns that I had.  He is so caring, gentle and concerned that you get the care you need.  I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Simmen Chiropractic to others. My family is already under his care - Patty D.

I love to cook and sing.  Unfortunately, both of them reek havoc on my body.  I have had neck pain, pain in my shoulders and hands, back pain, hip pain and leg pain for about 10 years.  I have seen my general MD, an Orthopaedists and a pain specialist who have prescribed pain meds to manage the pain.  Dr. Rob Rocks!  I have experienced amazing results and have never felt better!  The treatment is effective and affordable.  I feel better with every visit.  I highly recommend Simmen Chiropractic and refer people regularly - Olga W.

I have had neck pain and back pain for 5 years due to lifting patients as a nurse.  I used to take Tylenol to ease the pain when it became too intense.  Since having chiropractic treatment from Dr. Rob, the pain is not as intense and it has been less frequent.  It has made my job more enjoyable since I do not have as much pain.  Dr. Rob is very kind, curtious and genuinely cares about your health.  I frequently refer other people to Simmen Chiropractic to get help - Sue M.

I've had arthritis and fibromyalgia for years.  I've seen many specialists (rheumatologist) to manage my condition and I have tried to avoid taking a lot of medication for the pain I have.  Dr. Rob has a wonderful personality!  I see him about once a month, which helps to maintain my conditions from worsening.  I drive about an hour to be treated by Dr. Rob.  If I didn't think it was worth it, I wouldn't do so.  He's not like most chiropractors.  He spends time with me and addresses all my concerns (emotional, physical and spiritually) - Linda D.